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UL Alarm Monitoring by Texstar Alarm Systems

Alarm monitoring is just like any other product or service that you buy. There are good quality providers, and then there are poor quality providers. The alarm industry is littered with monitoring companies that offer extremely low monitoring rates but very little else. Need to have your alarm serviced? Forget it. They don’t have techs. Need help with how to work your system? Yeah right. Need your alarm responded to? The dispatcher is on break. As in everything in life, you sometimes get what you pay for.

Our monitoring stations are UL approved. But what does that mean?

Basically it means that our monitoring centers are tested and approved in terms of monitoring capacity and ability. A UL listed monitoring station must have a proportionate amount of staff as opposed to subscribers. This is important so that alarm signals can be responded to quickly.In addition, a UL listed central station must have redundant pathways for the alarm signals to reach the monitoring stations. They also must have back-up generators that kick on in event of power failure. Basically, there is a lot of infrastructure involved in the building and operation of a UL listed monitoring facility.

Our UL Central Station Qualifies for Insurance Discounts

Our UL listed central monitoring station qualifies for all homeowner’s insurance discounts.  Many of the online monitoring companies are not UL listed and do not qualify for the insurance discount. Most insurance companies in Texas offer a 10% discount if your home alarm is monitored.  Some will add another 5-10% if you add monitored fire.  Many alarm companies advertise up to 20% off of homeowners rates with a monitored system, but truthfully, that is very rare.  Most times you can expect to receive 10% off.

Home Security Monitoring from only $19.95/mo

Call us today at (281) 272-8600.  Our monitoring station operators are professionally trained and on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  Our Monitoring starts at only $19.95/mo + tax.

What Happens When Your Alarm Goes Off?

If you set your alarm off, a signal will be transmitted to our Central station.  Once the signal is received, the dispatcher will call back to your home to ensure that it was not you that set the alarm off.  They will ask if everything is okay and for a password, and if the correct password is given, then no further action is taken.

However, if the phone is not answered, or the incorrect password is given, the monitoring station will then call the police, and then call the remaining numbers on the list provided by the customer at the time of activation.

In areas where enhanced call verification measures are in place, the monitoring station will make calls to 2 different phone numbers provided before sending the police.  This is a false alarm prevention measure that is being mandated in many areas to keep false alarm dispatches down to a minimum.

If your alarm system sends in signals via a GSMX cell unit as opposed to a traditional land line, then the monitoring center’s first call will be to your cell phone.

If you should happen to hit the police or hostage panic button, there is no call back.  The police will be dispatched immediately.  In situations such as these, if the monitoring station were to call, it may place you in an awkward situation with the burglar.  If you happen to accidentally set off a panic, immediately call the monitoring station and let them know.

In cases of residential fire signals, the monitoring station will call back to the house before dispatch, just to make sure you didn’t burn the bacon.

If you hit the medical panic, the ambulance will be dispatched and then the monitoring station will call just to double check with you.