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Home Alarm Systems in Cleveland Tx

Texstar Alarm Systems provides home security monitoring and burglar alarm installations in the Cleveland Tx area.

Since 2000, we have provided top quality service to the entire Greater Houston area.

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Alarm Monitoring of Your Existing Security System

In many cases Texstar Alarm Systems can use your existing security system and activate monitoring.  Our monitoring rates start at just $19.95/mo + tax with a compatible existing system and compatible landline phone.

Flexible contract lengths are available, however with a 36 month monitoring agreement, we are able to offer free activation of your system.

Systems that we typically are able to monitor include Honeywell, DSC, 2Gig and some GE systems.

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New Burglar Alarm Installations

If you do not currently have an existing system, and require a home alarm system installation, Texstar will install a basic alarm system in your home for no charge with our standard 36 month monitoring agreement @ $24.95/mo + tax.

Your basic home security system includes the following:

  • 1  Honeywell V15P control panel
  • 1  Honeywell 6150 Keypad
  • 3  Door contacts OR activate all pre-wired openings
  • 1  Passive Infrared Pet Motion detector
  • 1  106 db interior siren
  • 1  Back-up battery

Should your home require wireless equipment or a wireless communicator, there may be additional costs involved.

Honeywell v15p alarm control panel installation

Home Automation

Security systems have advanced significantly in recent years.

Nowadays, you can control many parts of your home via an app that operates on the security system platform.

You can turn lights on and off, open door locks, and adjust the thermostat when you are gone.

Wondering if the kids got off the bus ok?  Set up your system to send out a text alert to you when they turn the alarm off with their code.

You can even add cameras to look in and see what is going on in your home.

Texstar Alarm Systems primarily uses the 2Gig control panel as our primary home automation platform using the alarm.com app.

It is Important to File Your Alarm Permit

To ensure that the police respond to your alarm dispatch, you must file your alarm permit.

If you live in the Liberty county portion of the Cleveland Tx area, then there is no alarm permit required.

But if you live in the Montgomery County section, you will need a Montgomery County alarm permit.  The cost is $20 per year.

No Phone Line…No Problem with Our Wireless Communicator

Don’t have a home phone line?  No problem.  Texstar Alarm Systems can install a GSMx cell unit to transmit the alarm signals via the wireless network.

There is an additional cost involved for the GSMX unit, but most times it is far more economical than connecting a home phone line just so you can have your alarm monitored.  The cell unit monitoring is usually just $10/mo in additional to the normal monitoring rate.

But in addition to not having to have a phone line, if the burglar thinks they can get around your security system by cutting your phone line, they are in for a surprise.

Texstar Alarm Systems only uses the latest technology 4g cell units from Honeywell, Uplink, and 2Gig.

A Monitored Burglar Alarm May Lower Your Homeowners Insurance

Most insurance companies offer a discount for having a monitored home security alarm system.  In most instances, the discount is 10%.

Some (but not all) insurance companies will offer an additional 5-10% if you add monitored fire to your system.

Contact your insurance agent  regarding the discounts that you may have available.

Call Us When You Are Ready to Have Your Alarm System in Cleveland Tx Installed or Monitored

Keep Texstar Alarm Systems in mind if you are looking to install a new Cleveland Tx home security system, or just know of someone who is looking for service.  We have been serving the Cleveland Tx area since 2000. Give us a call today. (281) 272-8600.