Houston Commercial Security Systems

A Houston commercial security system is very different from a home security system. A basic 3 doors and a motion detector may be effective for a home security system, but most times it is not what is needed for a commercial security system. There are many factors that are often overlooked. Below we will examine many of the devices and considerations that business owners often overlook in designing a commercial security system . Strobe light – A strobe light is a flashing light that can be placed just inside the front door or outside the building to draw attention after hours. In a residence, people can come and go at any time.But in a business, once the business is closed, no one enters the building until the next morning. A flashing strobe light draws eyes to the location after hours.   Panic Button – Retail businesses that collect cash should consider a hidden panic button. These panic buttons can send in a silent alarm so that the monitoring station can alert the police that something is happening at the business. Properly placed motion detectors – Motion detectors should be placed in proper locations. Often the alarm installation is completed prior to the occupant moving in. What often happens is that once the occupant moves their stuff in, they cover up the motion detectors. This especially happens in the warehouse area. Place motion detectors so that they shoot down aisles and open areas. Burglars cut through the exterior walls on a metal building to gain access. Factor this in when designing your commercial security system.

Burglars Can Come In From Unexpected Places

Burglars also cut through your neighbor’s wall to get to your location. I have seen this happen often at liquor and convenience stores where the burglar will cut through the sheetrock wall from the next door neighbor’s location. Warehouse Motion Detectors are different from interior motion detectors. Many companies will use interior style motion detectors in the warehouse trying to save money on the initial installation. The problem is, that after they are done with the installation, it is the business owner that is stuck with the fines from the false alarms.  True warehouse motion detectors that are designed for hostile environments will cost more, but will save you many headaches and money later. Glass Break Detectors – Use glassbreak detectors in strip centers where there is a glass front. If a burglar were to smash the glass, and run in, and run out, a motion detector may not pick them up. Use a cell back-up unit to avoid signal interruption to the monitoring station. Commercial sites are very vulnerable to the phone line being cut since there is often no one around the business at night. It will cost a bit more for the cell unit and cell service, but it provides peace of mind that your alarm signal will get through to the monitoring center. Horn Siren – Use a horn siren if the business is in an industrial park and not near any residential area. Loud noise is a big deterrent. Outside lighting – Never forget that outside lighting is also a big deterrent. A burglar does not want to get caught, so maybe they’ll go bother someone else if your place is well lit.

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