One of the easiest things you can do to make your home more secure is to simply lock your back gate.  Most homes in town or in a subdivided neighborhood, have privacy fences.  These privacy fences can be a great asset or detriment when it comes to home security.
Most burglaries will occur from the back of the house.  There is less chance of them getting caught if they are trying to break in the back, as opposed to trying to get in from the front of the house where the neighbors can see.  And the privacy fence that provides privacy for you, also shields them from view of your neighbors.

However, if you lock the privacy fence gate from the inside, the thief will have to jump over the gate, which is much harder.  It is absolutely best if you can put a keyed lock on it, but simply sliding the latch to a locking position, will make their job more difficult.  Hopefully, this will get them to go bother someone else and leave you alone.

Thieves are looking for a easy target.  Lock your privacy fence gate, and make your home more secure.