Home Security While Away

Be Safe…Be Aware!

Everyone is aware that a home security system is a great deterrent to would be burglars.  However, if you make yourself a target while you are out and about, you may embolden the criminal element to bother you and thereby jeopardize your personal security whether you have an alarm system  or not.

Be Aware While You Are Out

So how do you avoid being a target?  The main thing is to be aware of your surroundings and your actions while you are away from the home.

It is best that you do not flash a lot of high end jewelry or watches.  Especially at places like the mall.  Although nice, it does make the “bad guys” take notice of you.

Also, don’t leave valuables in plain view when you park your car.  Someone may break in and get the valuables, as well as your address, so they can come rob you later.

Be aware of your surroundings.  If you are leaving a place, be sure to pay attention that anyone is following you.  If you suspect someone may be following you out to your vehicle, go back into the place you are leaving and ask someone to walk you out to your car.

If you are walking down the sidewalk to your home, it is best to not be talking on your cell phone, or listening to your iPod.  If you are engaging in these activities, someone could easily follow you home, steal your purse or wallet, or physically harm you, and you wouldn’t be aware of the situation until it was too late.

When you are driving home, be aware of the traffic around you and if you sense someone is following you, do not go straight to your home.  Drive to a local police station if close by, or another public place of some sort and let them go on.

When you arrive at your home, be aware of your surroundings as well. Watch for anyone around the corner of your house, especially in the winter months when it gets dark earlier.

Your Car is not Necessarily Safe in Your Driveway

Do not make yourself a target at your home by leaving your car doors or windows open.  Also, common sense would tell you to not leave a purse, wallet, or some other valuable electronic device in open view, but people are getting their cars robbed in their driveway every single day in Houston due to these actions.  Just because your car is in your driveway doesn’t mean that it is safe.

The main point is to be careful when you are out. Be safe, and be aware.  Do your best not to attract someone to follow you home or be able to get your address and thereby jeopardize your personal security.