Security System Monitoring for Existing Security Systems

 security system monitoring for existing systems

Many times you will buy a new home or business and be fortunate enough to have a security system already installed by the previous occupant. Many of these systems will be outdated and need to be changed out, but many will be compatible with our service.

Texstar Alarm Systems is able to provide security system monitoring for Honeywell (formerly Ademco), DSC, and in some instances the GE NX series of panels. Although the keypads used with these systems may vary somewhat, in most cases they will look like the keypads shown below.

 Honeywell Security Keypad

Honeywell Vista 10P,15P, 20P keypad

 DSC security systems

DSC 1555MX,5010,5020,1555,1616 keypad

 GE NX series security system keypad

GE NX4, NX6, & NX8 keypad

You can often determine which system you have in your home by opening the alarm panel box located in your closet. On the inside door, there will be a label indicating the brand and model number toward the top of the label.

If My System is Shown Above, Does That Mean It is a Compatible System?

Not necessarily. Just because the brand of the system in your place may be compatible, the board may be locked out. Many installers will put a lock out code on the alarm panel to keep the homeowner from accidentally entering the programming, or to keep a competitor from using the system.

This will most often be the case with the GE systems. The GE systems are often used by smaller companies that are trying to protect their "territory". More times than not, at least in the Greater Houston area, these systems will require a board change. The Honeywell & DSC security systems will be locked out from time to time, but not nearly as often.

DSC Wireless Security Systems Considerations

On DSC security systems you will have to be careful if you wish to add more protection to a previously installed wireless system. For many years DSC wireless security devices operated on the 900 MHz frequency. However, a few years back, and without much warning I might add, DSC changed their wireless operating frequency to 433 MHz. When DSC changed to the 433 frequency, they discontinued all of their 900 MHz devices. So if you wanted to add additional wireless devices on your existing system, you would have to change out all the devices and the wireless receiver on the existing system (which is very costly).

No Phone Line Needed for Security System Monitoring

Many homeowners are choosing to not connect a traditional land line phone, and save on their phone bill. So the question then becomes, "How to transmit the alarm signal?".

Enter the GSM cell unit. Texstar Alarm Systems can use a cell unit in place of a phone line to transmit the signal. It will add a bit to your monthly cost for the monthly air time and the cost of the unit, but it will be much less than you will pay the phone company for their basic service.

The cell unit is a little box that goes inside the closet next to the alarm panel that acts as a designated dialer to the alarm monitoring station. Once the signal is received, the monitoring station will call your cell phone to check and see if you accidentally set the alarm off, and ask you for your password.

VOIP Phones Not Usually Compatible

People will often ask us if the alarm system is compatible with VOIP (voice over internet phone). The answer is almost always no. Services such as Vonage, Magic Jack, TMobile, and others, will not transmit the signals reliably.

However, Texstar Alarm Systems has had good success with Comcast & ATT Uverse phones. But be aware that if you choose to connect to either of these services, we cannot connect any fire devices to the system due to the State Fire Code.

How Much does Texstar Alarm Systems charge for Security System Monitoring for Existing Systems?

Our alarm monitoring starts at only $19.95 per month + tax for a compatible residential security system. We offer 1 and 3 year agreements.

If you wish to have a short term agreement, and you are the homeowner, the monitoring is $19.95/mo + tax billed quarterly with a $99 activation fee.

If you will be in your home for 3 years or more, then you may benefit from our 3 year program. We offer free activation and 3 months or 1 pair of remotes free with the 3 year agreement.

Commercial security system monitoring will run an additional $5/mo to the rates quoted above, and do not qualify for the 3 months free or free remotes promotion.

No matter your situation, Texstar Alarm Systems has a program for you. Give us a call for a program designed to meet your needs.


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