With the fall change comes the reminder to once again change the back-up batteries in your smoke detectors.  Ignoring this could prove deadly.

Most electrical and battery operated smoke detectors operate with a 9 volt battery.  There is a little tab to pull out on the smoke detector that will expose the battery to be replaced.

Experts agree that these should be changed out at least once per year.

Also, blow out any dust that you may see on the smoke detector while you are at it.

If you have monitored smoke detectors that are tied into the alarm system, don’t worry about changing those batteries.  These smoke detectors if hardwired, do not have a built in battery back-up, but operate on the alarm system’s main back-up battery.

If you happen to have wireless monitored smoke detectors, the batteries that are installed at the time of installation are lithium batteries that are designed to last 3-4 years.  If you experience a low battery on these smokes, you will be notified on the keypad, and the alarm company will be notified at the monitoring station.  If you tamper with the monitored smokes, they will send in a signal to the monitoring station.

Ensure That You Have Smoke Detectors in Each Bedroom

Most homes built after 1992 have a smoke detector in each bedroom and out in the hall outside of the bedrooms.  But  homes that were built before 1992, or even some homes built after 1992, don’t have smokes in all of the bedrooms.

Battery operated smoke detectors cost only about $10 at Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Isn’t that a very small price to pay for an early warning in case your home does have a fire.  There is simply no excuse for not making sure that every bedroom has either a hardwired or battery operated smoke detector.

Don’t ignore your fire system.  It may save your life!